[ndnSIM] additional fields in an interest

ioannoa at scss.tcd.ie ioannoa at scss.tcd.ie
Mon Dec 16 11:10:23 PST 2013

hello everyone,

I have previously used ndnsim code for my simulations but as accidents do
happen i now need to re-implement my stuff in the new one! Fun!

So, the thing is i had some additional fields in the interest and the
content object but now it seems that the classes have changed and i have
no idea how to go through it.

What happened to the content object class and why is the file of this
implementation empty?

At the moment i only tried to add a filed in interest.h and interested.cc
but i am getting a message of :

../src/ndnSIM/model/ndn-interest.h:249: warning:
‘ns3::ndn::Interest::m_dcValue’ will be initialized after
 at the constructor where i have:

Interest::Interest (Ptr<Packet> payload/* = Create<Packet> ()*/)
  : m_name ()
  , m_scope (0xFF)
  , m_interestLifetime (Seconds (0))
  , m_nonce (0)
  , m_dcValue (0)
  , m_nackType (NORMAL_INTEREST)
  , m_exclude (0)
  , m_payload (payload)
  , m_wire (0)
  if (m_payload == 0) // just in case
      m_payload = Create<Packet> ();

Could someone advice how to deal with it or if i could find the old
version of the code which i am more familiar with to work?

Kind regards,

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