[ndnSIM] Extension of Nack packet

Tun Tun Oo htunhtunu at gmail.com
Wed Dec 11 22:56:11 PST 2013

Dear Alex,

I would like to try an idea for responding whenever Data packet received as
in the scenario.

Data Packet flow ::Consumer <-------R1<-----------R2<--------------Producer
ACK-Data ::           Consumer

For this purpose, I need to create a new packet, just a name, ACK-Data.
As my understanding, it is similar like nack and I try to implement this
packet as an extension of nack.
Firstly, I prepared it as nack type and then I tried with following code

OnData (Ptr<Face>face,
         Ptr<Name> name = Create<Name>(data->GetName ());

        Ptr<Interest> ack= Create <Interest>();

        ack->SetNack (Interest::ACK_Data);

        ack->SetName (name);

        face->SendInterest (ack);

When running, it  doesn't receive the reply packet.
I am not confidence about the coding and could you give me a kindly
Thanks you

Sincerely yours
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