[ndnSIM] Regarding car2car example.

Ilya Moiseenko iliamo at ucla.edu
Sat Dec 7 21:14:38 PST 2013

Hi Manju,
Looks like you a trying to run ndnSIM-nom-rapid-car2car scenarios.
In this case you cannot simply copy files to a scratch folder due to the dependencies in the code. These scenarios should be built and run from an external (to ndnSIM) directory.
Please, read carefully README file on how to setup car2car scenarios.


On Dec 6, 2013, at 4:23 AM, Manju lata <lata.manju25 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Sir,
> I am working on wireless scenario. I am new to ndnSIM so I am learning with examples. But when I tried to run the car2car example by putting all the source files in the scratch folder I am getting some errors. Steps which I followed are as follows
> 1. manjulata at manjulata-HP-Pavilion-dv4-Notebook-PC:~/Desktop/ndnSIM/ns-3$ ./waf configure
> Result: 'configure' finished successfully (10.723s)
> 2. manjulata at manjulata-HP-Pavilion-dv4-Notebook-PC:~/Desktop/ndnSIM/ns-3$ ./waf --run car-pusher
> Waf: Entering directory `/home/manjulata/Desktop/ndnSIM/ns-3/build'
> program 'car-pusher' not found; available programs are: ['rocketfuel-maps-cch-to-annotaded', 'src/ndnSIM/tools/rocketfuel-maps-cch-to-annotaded', 'results', 'scratch/results/results', 'try', 'scratch/try', 'ndn-simple-edit', 'scratch/ndn-simple-edit', 'try1', 'scratch/try1', 'ndn-simple-wifi-editing-new', 'scratch/ndn-simple-wifi-editing-new', 'ndn-simple-wifi-edit', 'scratch/ndn-simple-wifi-edit', 'graphs', 'scratch/graphs/graphs', 'scenarios', 'scratch/scenarios/scenarios', 'extensions', 'scratch/extensions/extensions', 'third_edit', 'scratch/third_edit', 'thesis_wireless_topology', 'scratch/thesis_wireless_topology', 'scratch-simulator', 'scratch/scratch-simulator', 'subdir', 'scratch/subdir/subdir', 'test-runner', 'utils/test-runner', 'bench-simulator', 'utils/bench-simulator', 'bench-packets', 'utils/bench-packets', 'print-introspected-doxygen', 'utils/print-introspected-doxygen', 'emu-sock-creator', 'src/emu/emu-sock-creator', 'tap-device-creator', 'src/fd-net-device/tap-device-creator', 'raw-sock-creator', 'src/fd-net-device/raw-sock-creator', 'tap-creator', 'src/tap-bridge/tap-creator']
> Please help.
> Thanks & Regards 
> Manjulata
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