[ndnSIM] Energy Model ns3

Xee 1839750381 at qq.com
Mon Apr 22 22:13:44 PDT 2013

Hi Alex

I am using the code below:

 Ptr<BasicEnergySource> basicSourcePtr = DynamicCast<BasicEnergySource> (sources.Get (1));  
  basicSourcePtr->TraceConnectWithoutContext ("RemainingEnergy", MakeCallback (&RemainingEnergy));
  // device energy model
  Ptr<DeviceEnergyModel> basicRadioModelPtr =
    basicSourcePtr->FindDeviceEnergyModels ("ns3::WifiRadioEnergyModel").Get (0); 
  NS_ASSERT (basicRadioModelPtr != NULL);
  basicRadioModelPtr->TraceConnectWithoutContext ("TotalEnergyConsumption", MakeCallback (&TotalEnergy));

The node number 0 and 1 both are consumer nodes in simulation, but for producers it give error when I run simulation.

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Hi Xee,

You should give me more input to understand the problem.  Can you give me a simple scenario to debug?


On Apr 22, 2013, at 8:51 PM, "Xee" <1839750381 at qq.com> wrote:

> Hi Alex
> I am able to use the energy consumption model for ndn nodes, but it working only with the consumer nodes. When I try with producer nodes it terminates with error while compiling. Please advise to how I remove the error and get the energy consumption of all nodes in the topology. 
> rgd
> -Xee
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