[ndnSIM] RTTEstimator

Gabriel Marçal de Brito gbrito at ic.uff.br
Tue Apr 16 07:32:59 PDT 2013

Hi Alex.

I am studying the impact of named-data networking over wireless MANETs and
within this work I am performing some simulations with ndnSIM.

I noticed an increasing average delay using high chunk request rates and
digging deeper, found that RttEstimator::IncreaseMultiplier() is called
whenever there is an Interest, doubling the RTT estimate.

My guess is that since my scenarios are pretty dynamic, some consumer nodes
would be able to retrieve the desired content if they re-request it sooner
than waiting for the very long ever-doubled RTT (in case of
discontinuities, for exemaple).

Is there a reason for doubling this estimate?

Thanks in advance,
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