[Ndn-lib] PSync Consumer: handle application nack

Junxiao Shi shijunxiao at email.arizona.edu
Tue Jan 29 15:04:19 PST 2019

Hi Ashlesh

PSync Doxygen says

If consumer wakes up after a long time to sync, producer may not decode the
differences with its old IBF successfully and send an application nack.
Upon receiving the nack, consumer will send a hello again and inform the
application via psync::ReceiveHelloCallback and psync::UpdateCallback.

Does the Consumer class perform this procedure automatically, or is the
application expected to invoke Consumer::sendHelloInterest?
If the application needs to invoke Consumer::sendHelloInterest, how can the
application know that an application nack has arrived?

When the hello is sent again (regardless of whether it's automatic or not),
are the previous subscriptions still valid, or are they cleared and the
application must re-subscribe in ReceiveHelloCallback?
If they are cleared, at what moment are they cleared? (1) when application
nack arrives (2) when hello is resent - would be same as 1 if resending is
automatic (3) when hello is answered.

Also, what's the rationale of requiring the application to invoke
Consumer::sendHelloInterest (after construction) and
Consumer::sendSyncInterest (after subscription)? Why can't they be called
automatically (in constructor and after subscription when io_service runs)?

Yours, Junxiao
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