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Junxiao Shi shijunxiao at email.arizona.edu
Tue Jan 29 08:49:35 PST 2019

Hi Jeff

I am not sure of the available implementations of MurmurHash in Python.

There are several packages of MurmurHash, such as
I wonder why you choose to use MurmurHash, given SipHash is a better
replacement? MurmurHash is vulnerable to multicollision attack; SipHash is
more secure and is as fast as MurmurHash. See https://131002.net/siphash/
"attacks" section.

I’ll be interested to see your use cases.

I have two use cases.

In a building sensing system, I want to raise an alarm when certain
condition happens, and deliver the alarm to a display/siren.
A sensor node can detect the condition (e.g. intrusion, temperature over
threshold, fridge door not closed) and raise an alarm. Each sensor node is
a PartialProducer, with one UserNode for each kind of alarm it can raise.
To raise an alarm, it increments the sequence number of the UserNode.
A display/siren can be configured to receive certain kinds of alarms from
certain sensor nodes. The display/siren runs a Consumer that subscribes to
the UserNodes it wants to receive alarm from. When it receives a sync
update, it displays or sounds the alarm.
This system currently has a server and a web application, both written in
TypeScript. Sensor nodes would send signed Interests to the server, and the
server participates in PSync on behalf of the sensor nodes. This system
needs partial sync functionality from ndn-js.

In a multi-party chat system, I want to deliver audio clips between
chatroom participants.
Each participant in the chatroom is a FullProducer with only one UserNode.
To transmit an audio clip, it publishes the audio as Data segments, and
increments the sequence number of the UserNode. Upon receiving a sync
update, other participants retrieve and playback the audio clip.
This system currently has an Android app. It needs full sync functionality
from jNDN.

Yours, Junxiao
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