[Ndn-lib] Is there an NDN Unity project I can take a look at?

Thompson, Jeff jefft0 at remap.ucla.edu
Wed Sep 27 12:45:01 PDT 2017

Hello Wenrui,

See NDN-DOT-NET for the NDN common client library in C# that you can use in Unity.

You need to put ndn-dot-net.dll in your Unity project Assets folder.

There are some example programs such as this one which sends an Interest and displays the returned Data packet.

To show the results in the Unity console, you need to change each Console.Out.WriteLine to Debug.Log .

- Jeff T

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This is Wenrui Wu. As the project I am doing uses Unity, if there is an NDN Unity project I can take a look at as an example, it will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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