[Ndn-lib] Common Client Libraries security v2

Thompson, Jeff jefft0 at remap.ucla.edu
Thu Sep 14 05:48:36 PDT 2017

Hello library users,

As you know, the latest ndn-cxx and NFD code only support “security v2” which includes a new “certificate v2" format and a security API using the Pib and Tpm classes. So, the Common Client Libraries have been updated to support the same security API. You can pull the latest from GitHub for the following libraries. (NDN-JS updates are coming soon.) After a little more testing, we will tag a new release.

Here is an overview of the changes:

  *   Added CertificateV2, SafeBag and classes related to Pib and Tpm
  *   In KeyChain, added security v2 constructors and methods
  *   The default KeyChain constructor checks for and uses security v2 storage, or legacy v1 behavior if not present. This means that if your application still uses NFD security v1 and a default KeyChain, it will continue to work as is.
  *   Updated ConfigPolicyManager to support CertficiateV2 if constructed with a CertificateCacheV2
  *   Updated examples to use the security v2 KeyChain
  *   Added security v2 unit and integration tests

There may be more code updates but the latest development NFD doesn’t support security v1 at all, so it’s important to have access to these changes.

- Jeff T
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