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Can you resend the question to ndn-lib mailing list? DO NOT send questions to individual developers.

On Tue, Jun 20, 2017 at 12:02 PM, Nick Gordon <nmgordon at memphis.edu<mailto:nmgordon at memphis.edu>> wrote:

What is the performance of the Signal system in ndn-cxx like? We're considering using it for statistics collection in NLSR, and for that the approach would be pretty similar to how the Readvertise module was hooked into the RIB, I think. However, I'm wondering if that system can be used to decouple the NLSR modules from each other, so they communicate mostly or wholly through this event system. This is part of one of our future design goals, too. In order for that to be reasonable the Signal system needs to be pretty fast. I'm currently rewriting the LSDB, and I'm considering using it to loosely connect the LSDB to the Name Prefix Table.


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