[Ndn-lib] is jNDN thread-safe

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.. I should ask? Are you using jNDN on Android or not?

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Subject: Re: [Ndn-lib] is jNDN thread-safe

Hi Teng,

There are two ways to handle thread safety:

If you are using the Face class, then your application must call processEvents in the same thread as it calls expressInterest. Some more details are here:

Or you can use ThreadPoolFace<https://github.com/named-data/jndn/blob/master/src/net/named_data/jndn/ThreadPoolFace.java> which automatically submits calls to expressInterest to the thread pool, and wraps callbacks (like onData) so that they are thread safe. Also, ThreadPoolFace can use AsyncTcpTransport<https://github.com/named-data/jndn/blob/master/src/net/named_data/jndn/transport/AsyncTcpTransport.java> with the same thread pool so that your application doesn’t need to call processEvents at all. See the example application TestGetAsyncThreadPool:

- Jeff T

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Hello all,

Is jNDN thread-safe? Specifically, can one thread express Interests to
one face, while another thread uses the same face to process events?

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