[Ndn-lib] What is the current status of NDN's C# library

WENRUI WU wenruiwu at ucla.edu
Mon Jul 24 14:40:40 PDT 2017


This is Wenrui Wu. I'm a CS master student at UCLA. I'm thinking of doing
an NDN application as my capstone project. My current plan involves using
Unity game engine, so I would like to know about the status of NDN's C#
library, as I found out about this on GitHub:


However, I'm not very sure why it is NDN for Microsoft's .NET framework
rather than just C#, and I wonder what the implication of this is. The
issue page for this repository is also not updated for a very long time, so
I wonder if some critical issues remain.

In short, I wonder if there is something I can use to use NDN in Unity game

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