[Ndn-lib] PyNDN feedback request: cryptography package instead of pycrypto

Thompson, Jeff jefft0 at remap.ucla.edu
Mon Jan 25 14:34:47 PST 2016

Hello PyNDN users,

PyNDN uses the pycrypto package, but now the “cryptography" package is available which has the following advantages:

  *   Faster - up to 7 times faster for RSA signing
  *   The code is under active maintenance
  *   Supports elliptic curve (unlike pycrypto)
  *   More uniform support for Python 2 vs. 3. (The code has less if/else to handle it.)

I propose to change PyNDN to use the cryptography package and would like some feedback from the users. Have you had experience with the cryptography package (good or bad)? Does your project require PyNDN to keep using pycrypto?

If you want to try it, I have updated the code and INSTALL instructions in the cryptography branch on GitHub:

Thanks for any feedback,
- Jeff T
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