[Ndn-lib] NDNx support deprecated in Common Client Libraries

Thompson, Jeff jefft0 at remap.ucla.edu
Wed Sep 9 15:22:31 PDT 2015

Hello all,

As announced in May (below), we are now removing the deprecated support for NDNx from the Common Client Libraries. We'll be pushing the changes to GitHub and will make a new release for each library before NDNcomm (no later than September 24).

Thank you,
- Jeff T

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Date: Thursday, May 14, 2015 at 8:08:00
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Subject: NDNx support deprecated in Common Client Libraries

Hello all,

New versions of the NDN Common Client Libraries have been released for NDN-CPP (C++), PyNDN (Python), NDN-JS (JavaScript) and jNDN (Java). Importantly, support for NDNx has been deprecated including the ndnb (binary XML) wire format (you should use the TLV wire format) and using the ndnd or ndnd-tlv forwarder from NDNx (you should use NFD).

By default, if the library receives an ndnb (binary XML) packet or attempts to register a prefix with NDNx, then it will throw an exeption, For example in NDN-CPP, "registerPrefix with NDNx is deprecated. To enable while you upgrade your code to use NFD, set WireFormat::ENABLE_NDNX = true". You can enable support for NDNx while you upgrade your environment and code to use NFD and the TLV wire format. To enable, put the following in your application's main function:

C++: WireFormat::ENABLE_NDNX = true;
Python: WireFormat.ENABLE_NDNX = True
JavaScript: WireFormat.ENABLE_NDNX = true;
Java: WireFormat.ENABLE_NDNX = true;

In the next platform release (about 3 months), NDNx support will be completely removed. If you have questions or comments, please use this Redmine issue:

In addition, the latest release includes new features such as Face.setInterestFilter, the OnInterest callback which lets you call Data.putData, automatic remote prefix registration using 'localhop', example programs to for NFD control and using repo-ng, and other bug fixes and changes. For details, please see the CHANGELOG for each library:

NDN-CPP: https://github.com/named-data/ndn-cpp/blob/9d097e9f7fdec170a7f09e6d103df7f47a776123/CHANGELOG
PyNDN: https://github.com/named-data/PyNDN2/blob/6155fc2a0342113edd911e057cbc92ab3f196bc1/CHANGELOG
NDN-JS: https://github.com/named-data/ndn-js/blob/8b700a44c08f13b1987d6a29095e384aa427eb02/CHANGELOG
jNDN: https://github.com/named-data/jndn/blob/e6e7a4add881590c972f382193253c9a5c15f60c/CHANGELOG

Thank you,
- Jeff T
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