[Ndn-lib] Transport Access From Face

Brown, Andrew andrew.brown at intel.com
Wed Feb 18 13:26:29 PST 2015

As I understand it, a developer can push additional Data packets to a forwarder using the transport.send() method in the OnInterest callback (for caching, etc.). I would like to do this prior to any incoming Interests and would preferably like an API like face.push(data) to do it. Three questions:

-        Is there any way to do this currently outside of OnInterest and preserving a reference to Transport?

-        Is there any catch to using the content store in this way besides the fact that once it maxes out it will discard old Data packets?

-        Is this something to add to the client libraries or should it be in a class extending Face?


Andrew Brown
Flex AST, IoTG Intelligent Solutions
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