[Ndn-lib] Qustions on how to install NDN.JS and Firefox add-on APIs

Thompson, Jeff jefft0 at remap.ucla.edu
Mon Jun 30 10:10:42 PDT 2014

Hello Huhnkuk,

As Wentao mentioned, the files you need to use the NDN-JS library are already built and in the distribution. Please see the INSTALL file:

Let is know if you have questions about the INSTALL file.

Thank you,
- Jeff T

From: Huhnkuk <rooky13 at hanmail.net<mailto:rooky13 at hanmail.net>>
Date: Sunday, June 29, 2014 11:12 PM
To: NDN Lib <ndn-lib at lists.cs.ucla.edu<mailto:ndn-lib at lists.cs.ucla.edu>>
Subject: [Ndn-lib] Qustions on how to install NDN.JS and Firefox add-on APIs

Hello, NDN community

I'm Huhnkuk from KISTI in korea and we are planning to make an NDN project

I would like to ask about how to install NDN-JS and Firefox add-on SW in a PC

For the preliminary understanding of the NDN, I would like to accees to the global NDN testbed and to do an NDN communication using my Firefox web browser after installing NDN-JS and add-on APIs.

Any comments and information are helpful for going ahead our project

Thank you !



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