[Ndn-lib] Your current library usage

Ryan Bennett nomad.ry at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 14:37:37 PDT 2014


Apologies if this starts a new thread, I'm attempting to reply to the
'current library usage' thread within a digest, hopefully it works.

I'm Ryan Bennett, working as an Undergraduate at Colorado State University,
primarily with NDN-js. My focus is on creating npm modules for Node.js and
the browser (also experimenting with the new atom-shell)

So far I've got a forwarder, repo, and I/O abstraction, plus a bunch of
modules that are used within one or more of those. I've also been
experimenting with Telehash as a transport layer for NDN packets (
http://telehash.org), using NDN in an overlay context to create
p2p/federated applications.


PS Xiaoke, I'm very interested in your CDN, I've been doing some
experimentation to do async loading of JS and CSS in the browser over NDN,
so maybe we could collaborate on backend vs frontend of such a system :)

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> Hi folks on the ndn-lib list,
> It would be nice if you could introduce yourselves briefly, explain your
> current NDN-related research / exploration, and what libraries you are
> working with.  This would be very helpful for our team.
> Best,
> Jeff
> (UCLA NDN team)
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