[Ndn-lib] wireEncode/wireDecode interface missing in Name class

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I should clarify - We don't have any intention of carrying or promoting binary xml, nor will any apps still use it. This was a test of the wire format independence of the app API that had been a post-ccn design goal. There are different ways to transition the apps- many will need rewrites on the app side to work with tlv, this did not, as the support changed in the library. This was a good learning experience and check of the original goal of (modest) independence from the wire format for apps that did not need to know about it.

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Yes, the goal is to provide wire format independent APIs to application developers.   This is the current approach of the "common client libraries."   (As a sort of proof of concept, we can change between binary xml and tlv in the ndnrtc application with no change to the app, though there are some differences between the fields/structure in the two formats that don't make this something we intend to do regularly.)


for this specific point of supporting both binary XML and TLV: we are so early in NDN development and few apps exist as of now, so it is unclear to me whether it is worth the cost of carrying on the binary-XML support, as opposed to paying a (small) one-time cost to convert the very few apps that use binary XML.

I still recall the day of switching over from NCP to TCP/IP in Jan 1983, it was hectic and painful (the ARPAnet was much bigger in scale and had been in operation for years at the time), but it was done.

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