[Ndn-lib] wireEncode/wireDecode interface missing in Name class

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In general we are trying to not expose the application developer to the wire format.  The CCL will shortly provide functions for creating command interests that follow the spec here<http://redmine.named-data.net/projects/nfd/wiki/Command_Interests>.   Are you interested in a different type of command interest structure (requiring you to experiment with the wire format until we can provide library support for such a new structure) or would these  fit your needs?

For Shuo's repo, though it might store things in the wire format, it's unclear to me why the repo would need to understand/parse it directly?    Could you explain more or ask him to email the list with what he is trying to do / needs from the library...


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Subject: Re: [Ndn-lib] wireEncode/wireDecode interface missing in Name class

One example is repo-ng, which stores names in wire format.

Another use case in my mind is that I want to create customized command interest for ndn smart home control, which also requires dealing with wire format names.


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Hi Wentao,

Can you say something more about how your application needs to directly manipulate the Name wire format?

- Jeff T

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Subject: [Ndn-lib] wireEncode/wireDecode interface missing in Name class

Hi all,

In NDN CCL API 0.1a2 documentation, there is no interface to directly manipulate the wire format of Name class. In some applications this feature is needed. And since Name-related operations are essential part of NDN application development, it would be nice in general to have the capability of handling wire format of Names. Any thoughts about adding this interface to the CCL API?




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