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Hello Fan Yang (with cc to the ndn-lib email list),

In NDNx 0.1 (ccnx-0.7.2), process_incoming_content allocates new memory when it calls hashtb_seek

If an entry doesn't exist, hashtb_seek will create a new entry and return HT_NEW_ENTRY. See the comments for hashtb_seek:

The data structures are listed in the Doxygen documentation.  Many have descriptions.  Is there a particular structure you are interested in?

Thank you,
- Jeff T

From: 大傻蛋 <475942316 at qq.com<mailto:475942316 at qq.com>>
Subject: question about NDNx Code

Dear Jeff,
              Recently ,I am reading NDNx code about the function of process_incoming_content. Alex recommand me to you for help.Can you tell me from where  the new storage space is created and the new arriving content is insert into it ? In other words ,from which line or subfunction in the function Of process_incoming_content the new content is insert into the CS? I have find that in CCNx 0.8.0.But I can not find it in  ccnx-0.7.2-ndn-1(NDNx).
           Also ,while I was reading the code ,I found many data structures was used but I never learned it before ?Can you give me some materials about it ?
        Best wishes.
         Fan Yang

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