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Burke, Jeff jburke at remap.ucla.edu
Sun Mar 17 22:40:06 PDT 2013


On 3/17/13 10:11 PM, "Jeff Thompson" <jeff at thefirst.org<mailto:jeff at thefirst.org>> wrote:

Hello.  I added support to the Firefox add-on for Android.  Anyone with
Firefox on Android, please give it a try.  It installs from the same
file as desktop Firefox:

(If clicking the link doesn't install, then save the file on your phone
and enter file: in the Firefox address bar, then find the file and click.)

Two items are added to the Firefox menu with the same functionality as
the NDN Toolbar: "NDN Get Version" gives you buttons for "Earliest",
"Latest", etc. And "NDN Hub" shows the currently connected hub and lets
you set the hub.

Thank you,
- Jeff T
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