[Ndn-interest] Custom TLV vs library

Varun Patil varunpatil at ucla.edu
Mon Jan 18 08:11:28 PST 2021


I've been developing a StateVectorSync library (named-data/ndn-svs), and
there seem to be two approaches to encoding the state vector:

1. An NDN custom TLV.

2. A standardised serializer. Currently the library uses
boost-serialization, but I'm in favor of CBOR (RFC 8949, Standards Track,
Dec. 2020). This would make it easier to write compatible SVS libraries in
other languages, since CBOR decoders are already available in virtually
every language (also it may be more space efficient than custom TLV blocks).

Any thoughts/suggestions on which is the better approach?


Varun Patil
Graduate Student
Computer Science, UCLA
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