[Ndn-interest] JNDN FUllPSYNC2017 - Sending Sync Interests

Gias, Rayhan rayhan.gias at hs-emden-leer.de
Sun Aug 8 05:30:55 PDT 2021


I have two nodes named PSync1 and PSync2. Psync1 is publishing names and PSync2 is consuming. I am using FullPsync2017 for doing the synchronization between the nodes. Psync2 is sending sync interests for getting the new update. But it is getting the same update multiple times. In FullPsync2017 segment fetcher needs to stop fetching data until it's not getting the update. I have checked full-producer.cpp (line 89-91) where developers implemented not to send consecutive sync interests because if there are new data available in the network it may serve both of the interests. But in JNDN this is not implemented probably. I am interested to know how I can do this in JNDN?

Probably I am asking a silly question. But it would be great if someone explains.

T M Rayhan Gias

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