[Ndn-interest] NDN Applied to Industrial Control Systems

Chin, Jon jonchin at csu.fullerton.edu
Tue Apr 6 10:02:56 PDT 2021


My name is Jon Chin, and I'm a MS in CS student at Cal State Fullerton. I have an idea for my graduate capstone project that I'd like to get some feedback on.

I would like to see if an Industrial Control System (ICS) implemented using NDN has stronger security than an ICS implemented using IP.

My proposed steps are:

  *   Build two similar ICS testbeds (one using IP, one using NDN)
     *   Use simulation/emulation, so no physical hardware is needed
  *   Perform the same cyberattack on both testbeds (Ex: MITM, DoS)
  *   Compare the results to see if NDN is better than IP

Do you have any thoughts or suggestions regarding this project idea? Would it contribute to the field? Is it feasible to complete in one semester?

I am also open to working on other projects. I read through the "Rolling NDN Projects" page and found the GitSync project interesting, but it seems that the projects are meant to be completed this summer as part of GSoC, and I won't work on my project until Spring 2022.

Thank you,

Jon Chin
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