[Ndn-interest] Tips for getting started?

Philipp Moll philipp.moll at itec.aau.at
Sun May 10 02:59:28 PDT 2020

Hi Erno,

I can confirm that starting with NDN can be complicated. I also had a 
lot of troubles when first using NDN and writing an article about how to 
start sounds like a great idea.

Based on my own experiences, I would recommend to start with creating a 
simple application. Something like a producer that provides files in a 
local directory to consumers. This way, you learn how the NDN protocol 
primitives work and you'll see NDN in a small application in action. NDN 
libraries providing API's for client applications are available for 
various programming languages. A few examples:

  * C++: https://github.com/named-data/ndn-cxx
  * Python: https://github.com/named-data/PyNDN2
  * Java: https://github.com/named-data/jndn

All the libraries on GitHub include small examples showing how to use 
the libraries. I think APIs for more languages are available and can be 
found on the named-data GitHub page (https://github.com/named-data).

If your applications work on localhost, you can easily try them over 
network by using the MiniNDN network emulator 
(https://github.com/named-data/mini-ndn). The emulator is based on 
MiniNet and is in my opinion really easy to use.

However, this is just my personal opinion on how to get familiar with 
NDN. I am pretty sure that others on the mailing list have good ideas 
about how to start as well.

Good luck with the article. Can you keep me updated when there are any 
news concerning your article?


On 5/10/20 4:22 AM, Erno Aapa via Ndn-interest wrote:
> Hi all!
> I have been interested to NDN already a while but it has been hard to 
> know where to start. There's a lot of information (important of 
> course), multiple projects, etc. but not sure which one I should check 
> out first and what are deprecated.
> What I should look first if I want to get started with NDN? Let say my 
> goal is to be able to send a few interest & data packets locally to 
> get feeling what it's all about.
> And any other good articles, documents, etc. that are relevant at the 
> beginning and that are good when I want to dive deeper?
> And in short, what's the status of NDN at the moment?
> I really appreciate your help.
> I'm thinking of writing an article from these to make new people 
> easier to get familiar with NDN. I think it's super awesome and 
> interesting what you're working on and would be really cool if people 
> know more about it!
> Thanks for all the help!
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