[Ndn-interest] NDN communication query

Spandana Banala banalas at tcd.ie
Tue Jun 30 14:53:10 PDT 2020


I have seen modern web libraries which  have built for browser and server
 Can I use the browser which I have created than google Chrome or Firefox
with ur libraries?


1. I am trying to create a project where we place get request  from browser
and then server has to push requested contact and other css and jss files
related to requested data from the nodes if it is already stored in cs than
requesting all the way back to producer same like (HTTP2)
 I have seen namespaces .ts in libraries .

 Thought if we can add  manifest(FLIC)  in cache i.e content store for the
ndn nodes  and change nfd for routing   can we can achive this

2.Can it will be possible with this ts libraries  do  that. Do you  have
any suggestions how I can approach this?

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