[Ndn-interest] [EXT] Questions about how to carry data package in interest package

Junxiao Shi shijunxiao at email.arizona.edu
Sun Jun 28 13:52:01 PDT 2020

Hi Lei

Interest packet should not carry payload. However, it has an
ApplicationParameters field.
A typical design is that, publish your payload as a Data packet, then put
the Data packet name in the ApplicationParameters field of the Interest.

A concrete example: suppose we want to send a command from the client to
the server.

   1. The client generates a Data packet /client-prefix/msg/4928 , puts the
   command in the Data payload, and signs the Data.
   2. The client sends an Interest /server-prefix/notify , and the
   ApplicationParameters contains the name /client-prefix/msg/4928 .
   3. The server sends an Interest /client-prefix/msg/4928 to retrieve the
   Data packet.
   4. The server verifies the signature of the payload Data packet, and
   executes the command.

This example is taken from ndn-python-repo source code
They call it "pub sub", but the above is how it actually works.

Yours, Junxiao

On Thu, Jun 25, 2020 at 12:57 PM wangl <wangl at njnet.edu.cn> wrote:

> External Email
> Dear Mr./Ms.
> My name is Lei Wang.I am a graduate student of School of Cyber Science and
> Engineering , Southeast university.And my supervisor is Professer Guang
> Cheng.I am writing to consult method for carrying a data message in an
> interest message.
> I participated in a research project that needed to use the ndn-cxx
> library. In my work, I need to implement the function of carrying data
> messages in interest messages. I think there should be other researchers
> who need similar functions, so this function may already be implemented .
> Therefore, I hope i could receive some advice, if the code could be
> provided, I would be very grateful.
> Best wish for you!Thank you very much!
>   Best regards
>     Lei Wang
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