[Ndn-interest] Questions about how to carry data package in interest package

wangl wangl at njnet.edu.cn
Tue Jun 23 03:59:22 PDT 2020

Dear Mr./Ms.

My name is Lei Wang.I am a graduate student of School of Cyber Science and
Engineering , Southeast university.And my supervisor is Professer Guang
Cheng.I am writing to consult method for carrying a data message in an
interest message.

I participated in a research project that needed to use the ndn-cxx
library. In my work, I need to implement the function of carrying data
messages in interest messages. I think there should be other researchers
who need similar functions, so this function may already be implemented .
Therefore, I hope i could receive some advice, if the code could be
provided, I would be very grateful.

Best wish for you!Thank you very much!

  Best regards
    Lei Wang

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