[Ndn-interest] Announcing the 9th-NDN-Hackathon Projects

Ju Pan pjokk722 at email.arizona.edu
Tue Sep 3 08:44:22 PDT 2019

Dear folks,

We are glad to announce that the following projects are accepted:


1. ESP32 Video Doorbell - Junxiao Shi
2. NFD on OpenWrt Home Router - Junxiao Shi
3. NDNCERT Client, Certificate Bundle, and Prefix Announcement in
ndn-js and esp8266ndn - Junxiao Shi
4. Self-organized Network in esp8266ndn - Junxiao Shi
5. Simulating Multicast Suppression Scheme - Ernest McCracken
6. NDN E-MAIL - Ritik Kumar, Narendra Patel
7. Service discovery for IoT devices through PSync FullSync - Saurab
Dulal, Ashlesh Gawande
8. NDN mailing List Search Tool - Muhammad Atif Ur Rehman
9. NFD-Android Enhancements - Davide Pesavento
10. Enhanced Testbed Monitoring and FCH Service - Davide Pesavento
11. NDN-Lite Over LoRa Network - Kangheng Wu, Kent
12. Migrate multipath forwarding strategy to latest ndnSIM and
integrate ns3 TrafficControlLayer - Teng Liang, Klaus Schneider

You can check out the project details on

We also added zoom links for project pitching and presentation, a
project selection spreadsheet, and a presentation submission form.
Please find them on

The 9th NDN Hackathon is getting close, we look forward to seeing you there!

The 9th NDN Hackathon Organizers
- Ernest Mccracken  <emccrckn at memphis.edu>
- Zhiyi Zhang            <zhiyi at cs.ucla.edu>
- Ju Pan                   <pjokk22 at email.arizona.edu>

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