[Ndn-interest] NFD Interest Aggregation at Intermediate Router

Junxiao Shi shijunxiao at email.arizona.edu
Wed Mar 13 17:36:04 PDT 2019

Hi Stefano

> In this case, it was ~16 seconds (according to the logs
> <https://github.com/stefano-lupo/NFD-Interest-Aggregation-Logs/blob/master/nodeE_snipped.log#L28-L44>).
> In the actual use case, it would likely be somewhere between 0-500 ms, but
> there would be no guarantees. There would also be some short-lived caching
> involved which would cover the case where the data has already been
> retrieved from G by the time B is expressing an interest for it.
You should be using the cache rather than aggregation. The producer needs
to respond as soon as possible.

I'm not quite sure I follow the reasoning behind the time window. From E's
> point of view, does it think the second interest is a re-expression from
> the same node since the time between the Interests was larger than a few
> ms? That is, it thinks node A is re-expressing the interest for some
> reason, even though the initial interest has not yet exceeded it's lifetime?
Yes, E thinks the consumer is retransmitting the Interest. Even if the
Interest comes from a different downstream peer, it might come from the
same consumer via a different path, so E does not distinguish between
downstream peers.

Yours, Junxiao

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