[Ndn-interest] Announcing the 8th-NDN-Hackathon Projects

Ju Pan pjokk722 at email.arizona.edu
Mon Mar 4 18:36:44 PST 2019

Dear folks,

We are glad to announce that the following Hackathon projects are accepted:

   1. ESP32 Video Doorbell
   2. Enhance Testbed Status Page and NDN-FCH Service
   3. Four-Layer Improvement of esp8266ndn
   4. Implementing the new Signed Interest in ndn-lite
   5. NDN-Lite: Integrate Service Discovery and Access Control and
   Schematized Trust
   6. NFD-Android Enhancements
   7. Self-Learning for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks
   8.  Attribute Based Signature Scheme for NDN
   9. PSync for Repos
   10. Enhancements for npChat Android application
   11. Fix Ndncatchunks Performance Issues
   12. Improve the Wireshark dissector for NDN
   13. Vector Sync for MANET

Please go to 8th-NDN-Hackathon Hacks page
<http://8th-ndn-hackathon.named-data.net/hacks.html>for the details.
We will have a pitching round on Friday, March 8th, then all the
participant can decide on which project he/she wants to work on.

*Friday, March 8:* Forming Group
*Saturday, March 9:* First-day hacking
*Sunday, March 10:* Second-day hacking, demonstration, and judging.

You can also check the detailed program on 8th-NDN-Hackathon Program page

*For the remote participants, later we will send you a video conference
(ZOOM) link through email.*

The 8th NDN Hackathon is getting close, we look forward to seeing you

The 8th NDN Hackathon Organizers
- Ju Pan                   <pjokk22 at email.arizona.edu>
- Tianxiang Li           <tianxiang at cs.ucla.edu>
- Ernest Mccracken  <emccrckn at memphis.edu>
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