[Ndn-interest] How to replace IP with NFD on raspberry pi

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Sun Jun 16 23:12:29 PDT 2019


Yes. It is possible to use NFD without IP. Please refer to this
article for more information. In fact, you need not configure any networks
in your operating system if you're running NFD.

If you're using wi-fi in your raspberry pi, make sure to enable guest mode
in your router.

Athreya H N

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> Desr All,
> i am using the raspberry pi transplantation NFD. However, IP address is
> used in the actual use, so I would like to ask whether it is possible to
> use NFD instead of IP layer to realize communication.
> it's on the NFD website(http://named-data.net/doc/NFD/current/INSTALL.html).
> when NFD is used, IP addresses are used.
> So i want to know
> 1.How to use NFD without IP
> 2.Is that difficult?Is there any information on that?
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