[Ndn-interest] Survey of IoT using ICN

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Fri Jun 7 09:18:12 PDT 2019

Dear all,

I would like to share with you a recent survey related to the Internet of Things and Information-Centric Networking, entitled "A survey of Internet of Things communication using ICN: A use case perspective".


This survey provides a detailed and systematic review of IoT–ICN research (focusing mainly on Named Data Networks and Content-Centric Networks). The authors investigate ICN as communication enabler for IoT domain-specific use cases, and the use of ICN features for the benefit of IoT networks. These include IoT device & content naming, discovery, and caching. We also survey synchronization, interoperability, publish/subscribe communication, quality of service, security, and mobility of IoT devices with ICN perspectives. The paper also presents challenges and possible research directions for the benefit of community.

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