[Ndn-interest] Technical questions

Ahmed BENMOUSSA ah.benmoussa at lagh-univ.dz
Thu Jan 24 02:41:03 PST 2019

Hello Everyone,

I am a PhD Student. Actually I am working on NDN. There are several things
that always come to my mind. I wonder if you could answer these questions
in order to clarify my concerns:

*1/* Actually NDN works over IP. In the future will IP protocol will still
be used to deploy NDN networks? Will IP always be used to interconnect
Is NDN a complete new Internet Architecture that will replace the actual
TCP/IP stack layers?
If NDN becomes the Internet Architecture instead of TCP/IP what will be the
address of final nodes (source address)?

*2/* I am also a Network Engineer. And as one, I always try to imagine NDN
in real large networks (offices, universities). Let's say I have a LAN
Network with number of hosts connecting to a number of Switches. How the
packets will flow? how the Switches will handle packet switching? Or it
will act like a "Network Access" layer using physical addresses?

In Other word, will we see NDN specific switches or we will always use
actual layer2 switches to deploy real NDN Networks (I mean in future NDN
Networks deployment, not in the actual networks using NFD).

*3/* In the case of wireless interfaces, we may have multiple users
connecting through the same interface entry. How the node address problem
is solved when the data arrives back?

With all my respects,
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