[Ndn-interest] The best-route strategy

Yasmine Belaguid yasminebelaguid at gmail.com
Sat Apr 27 04:19:18 PDT 2019


I am a student at INTTIC (Algeria), I am working on QoS-based routing. I
have some questions about the best-route forwarding strategy.

Since I tried the grid topology with 4 nodes using the best-route strategy
I observed that the consumer sends Interests to the producer choosing only
one route, so my questions are :

   - For the first time, does the consumer flood Interests to discover the
   network? or what are the metrics that he uses to choose and calculate this
   - The cost used by this strategy is it hop-count?

Thank you!
Best regards.

Belaguid Milouda Yasmine
Student at  INTTIC
M  +213 699 90 73 25  <+213(0)+699+90+73+25>
E  yasmine.belaguid at gmail.com  <yasmine.belaguid at gmail.com>
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