[Ndn-interest] NDN Application with CanBePrefix flag

David R. Oran daveoran at orandom.net
Fri Apr 26 09:04:10 PDT 2019

On 25 Apr 2019, at 21:49, 김학서 wrote:

> Dear All,
> I am currently designing a NDN application with CanBePrefix flag.(by 
> using interest.setCanBePrefix(true))
> I know that CanBePrefix flag is defined in the packet03transition 
> plan, and it is used in NDN platform.
> However, I understand that setting CanBePrefix flag for Interest 
> packet may cause performance degradation issues for PIT processing.
Well, in high-speed forwarder algorithms, compared to exact match it can 
cost an order of magnitude or more of forwarding throughput.

> My Questions are following :
> 1. What do you think about design of applications using CanBePrefix 
> flag? If necessary, Can I use it?
Sure, as long as you use it sparingly. The primary suede is to do 
discovery - to get the first access to a portion of you namespace. From 
there traverse data either by predicting their names from the schema, or 
(my preferred method) using Manifests.

> 2. I wonder if you have any plans to remove CanBePrefix flag in the 
> near future.
I can’t speak for the NDN team, obviously (I’m not part of the 
project and work primarily on CCNx, not NDN), but since discovery is an 
important/necessary function in any ICN system, if CanBePrefix ever gets 
removed it would be because it’s replaced with something more powerful 
and/or efficient, like an explicit discovery protocol on top of 
exact-match in the basic forwarders.

> Best Regards,
> HS Kim
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