[Ndn-interest] Choose your Hackathon Project now!

Klaus Schneider klaus at cs.arizona.edu
Sat Oct 20 08:21:53 PDT 2018

Hi, a quick update for everyone:

According to the list, the following projects are happening (ordered by 
how many people signed up):

1. Interest Buffering (4/4)
2. Modernize ndn-js (3/4)
3. Why Fractalide (3/4)
4. Named Reddit (3/4)
5. 3D Visualization of NDN Traffic (3/4)
6. Refactor encoding and decoding in NDN-RIOT (2/4)
7. Mini-NDN documentation (2/4)
8. Self-learning Forwarding Strategy: NFD Implementation and Testing (2/4)

The following projects only have one person working on them and would 
currently be dropped:

9. Certificate Support in esp8266ndn Library
10. HMAC and Merkle-Hash-Tree Signatures in ndn-cxx
11. Broadcast and ad-hoc faces in NFD for ad-hoc wireless networks.
12. Development of Yang Data Model for NFD Mgmt. Protocol
13. Make NDN-RIOT + NDN-IoT pkg work on NRF52840

If you are the one person on this project, please either get more 
(real!) people to join your group, or choose a different project yourself.

We'll also ask you to do so in the opening session at 9am PST.

Also, if you haven't done so, please register on 
since we might use the email list for communication during the Hackathon.

Lastly, please join the Hackathon channel on slack: 

Best regards,
The NDN Hackathon Organizers

On 10/18/18 5:17 PM, Klaus Schneider wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> You can now select which Hackathon Project to work on: 
> https://doodle.com/poll/bbq7bapzgh67skgn
> The project descriptions and slides are at: 
> https://7th-ndn-hackathon.named-data.net/hacks.html
> There's a limit of *4 participants* per project and it's first come, 
> first serve. So let the race begin ;)
> We hope everyone chooses their project before Saturday, but if not, 
> there is still time in the opening session (9:00am PDT). Moreover, 
> people who are the only participant in their projects will have to 
> switch at that time (there's a *minimum of 2 people* per project).
> Best regards,
> The NDN Hackathon Organizers

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