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Hi Tanusree,

jumping a bit late into the discussion and adding to Klaus’s later comments: it’s highly unlikely that only one router will have a copy of some content in its CS. Content repositories will have more copies, but also given that a content is in a router’s CS, then this means that the content has already travelled in the network and hence, it will likely be in the CSs of other routers or end-users’ devices.

This situation can be common in case of network fragmentation. I’m sending a coupe of pointers below to a few studies we’ve done and argued that Interests should not only look for content copies towards the main content repository (typically placed in the core of the network), but also towards the edge of the network. We have also calculated the time that content stays “live” in the fragmented part of the network, given some request distribution etc.

Enhancing Information Resilience in Disruptive Information Centric Networks, IEEE TNSM 2018: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/abstract/document/8306511

Some extra bits and pieces can be found in two earlier conference versions largely in the same topic:

Information Resilience through User-Assisted Caching in Disruptive Information Centric Networks, IFIP Networking 2015: http://dl.ifip.org/db/conf/networking/networking2015/1570063627.pdf

Opportunistic Off-Path Content Discovery in Information Centric Networks, IEEE LANMAN 2016: https://www.ee.ucl.ac.uk/~uceeips/files/off-path-discovery-lanman16.pdf

Hope this helps.

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Hello all,

In NDN the routers are the busiest and most responsible entity in the network. So, if a router is down for some reason, what about the data it stores in its CS and the connections it hold? If the router is temporarily down, it can resume to its normal operations sometime later.  But if the router is permanently down and there are several data it produce and there are no more copies of all the data. Can there be any network administrator which can have the copies of the data of a router when it is down? If it is a high connectivity node, can network administrator can play a vital roll to take care the connections of the nodes?

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Tanusree Chatterjee

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