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Hi Jinyang

The correct mailing list to ask NFD questions is *nfd-dev*, not
ndn-interest. Please send future questions to nfd-dev instead.

NFD does not explicitly maintain queues. *Both receive queue and send queue
reside in Linux or macOS kernel*, in the form of socket buffers. You
may *change
queue capacity by configuring kernel socket buffer sizes*, including UDP,
TCP, and libpcap.
Subclasses of ‘Transport’ pulls packets from the receive queue and places
packets into the send queue via Boost.Asio library. *Transport queries
socket API to retrieve send queue length and send queue capacity*, and
GenericLinkService inserts congestion marks when it detects send queue
filling up. Transport does not consider receive queue length and receive
queue capacity.

Yours, Junxiao

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> Hello,
> I encountered a problem When sending a lot of interest packets. Is there
> a sending queue to store interest packets?
> If so, is it implemented in NFD or is it implemented by a router that is
> independent of NFD?
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