[Ndn-interest] ndnping

Giuseppe Carella gcarella228 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 05:44:20 PST 2018

Good morning community,

I have modified ndn tools in order to send a 6KB answer for each ndnping.
I have done an experiment, using udp4 face and opening 9 command lines from
which I
launched the command "ndnping /app1".
This is the configuration:

producer(ndnpingserver /app1) <-----------------------------> consumer(9
ndnping /app1).

What I notice is that a lot of packets are lost. It means that there is a
problem of congestion in the case NFD receive too many interest packets.
Do you know if there is a way to configure NFD in order to reduce the
congestion and loss packets?
What I have done at the applicative layer to limit this problem is not
enough unfortunately.

Thank you.
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