[Ndn-interest] Mini-NDN v0.4.0 release

Ashlesh Gawande (agawande) agawande at memphis.edu
Wed Jan 10 16:00:23 PST 2018

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce the release of Mini-NDN (v0.4.0).

Please note that Mini-NDN now provides a Vagrantfile which can be used bring up a virtual machine with NDN platform including Common Client Libraries installed for new users to get started easily:

Mini-NDN is a lightweight networking emulation tool that enables testing, experimentation,
and research on the NDN platform. Based on Mininet, Mini-NDN uses the NDN libraries,
NFD, NLSR, and tools released by the NDN project (http://named-data.net/codebase/platform/)
to emulate an NDN network on a single system.

Detailed release notes with included features can be found at:

More information about Mini-NDN, tutorials, installation and configuration guides, and documentation
are available at the Mini-NDN Github repository:
and the Mini-NDN website (to be updated shortly for current version):

Please report any bugs or issues, make feature requests, or provide feedback at our Redmine page:

* * *
Mini-NDN Developers and Contributors:
  Ashlesh Gawande, Vince Lehman, Yucheng Zhang, Muktadir R Chowdhury, Nicholas Gordon
  Lan Wang, Damian Coomes, Saurab Dulal, Alexander Afanasyev, Jeff Thompson
  Junxiao Shi, Beichuan Zhang

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