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The reliability system doesn't use NACKs, but rather acknowledges 
received packets with a positive acknowledgement and considers a packet 
lost (and needing to be retransmitted) if the sender does not receive an 
Ack for a packet. It can also detect gaps in acknowledged sequence 
numbers and uses these to trigger a retransmission.

Also, the reliability system takes place at the level of an individual 
connection from one host to the next (the NDN link layer, or NDNLPv2) 
and not on the span from a consumer to a producer. Therefore, 
retransmissions will not take place when the consumer receives a 
notification like "OnInterestUnsatisfied", as this occurs above the link 
layer. I believe you may be looking at the NACK documentation, which I 
believe states that the consumer application has the option to 
retransmit an Interest when it is NACK'd. The documentation for NDNLPv2, 
including the reliability system can be found here: 


On 01/04/2018 06:59 AM, Giuseppe Carella wrote:
> Good morning community,
> I was checking some information about the last NFD release.
> It seems possible to set some useful options like the retransmission 
> with UDP.
> In the documentation it's written that the retransmission takes place 
> when the consumer receives NACK.
> Is the retransmission possible when the NFD consumer receives the 
> message "OnInterestUnsatisfied"?
> Thank you.
> Giuseppe.
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