[Ndn-interest] NDN data structures for FIB, PIT, CS

César A. Bernardini mesarpe at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 09:59:42 PDT 2018


I was curious about the default data structures used by NDN tables. I was
wandering if there is any RFC that states the structure to be used in ICN.

According to my findings in the NDN code, the structure used are Red-Black
Trees for Content Stores[0] and Hashing Tables[1,2] for FIB[3] and PIT[4].

Is there any RFC that specify the structure to be used? Or, do you suggest
any other structure?


[1] Hashtable m_ht;: nano daemon/table/name-tree.hpp
[2] Hashtable: daemon/tree/name-tree-hashtables.hpp
[3] Fib: NameTree daemon/table/fib.hpp
[4]: NameTree daemon/table/pit.hpp
[5] typedef std::set<EntryImpl> Table; daemon/table/cs.hpp
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