[Ndn-interest] Multi-path retrieval performance

Mohammad Alhowaidi malhowaidi at gmail.com
Sun Sep 17 15:08:25 PDT 2017


I was trying to do a load balancing (multi-path retrieval) experiments to
get a fast retrieval for a file.
for example I have a router connected to three producers. and I used
ndncatchunk to retrieve a file (1GB) and I started to increase the interest
pipeline value.

I found that when the value of interest-pipeline is 10 is the best when
retrieving from one producer (not sure *WHY*? ), then I tried to use 2
producers with interest-pipeline is 20 and get a better performance
(retrieving chunks was divided evenly between these two producers).
But when I used 3 producers the performance reduced, whatever I choose the
interest-pipeline value. Shouldn't retrieving the file from 3 producers
with 30 interest-pipeline value be better? what could be the problem?

Sorry for the long question!

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