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It is not face.send(data), it is face.send(encoding). This is a legacy method to send a raw packet through the face which has already been encoded. As you point out, the correct method to use is face.putData(data) which encodes the Data object and performs other checks.

- Jeff T

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Subject: [Nfd-dev] NDN_API

Good morning community,

can someone explain me the difference between face.putData(data) and face.send(data)?

I know that face.putData(data) is used to put data which satisfies an interest packet (and I always thought that it was enough to send a data packet to the consumer).
In the ndn-js examples I studied, face.send(data) is not used.

So what is the role of face.send(data) compared with face.putData(data)?

Thank you.
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