[Ndn-interest] How to set up an environment of NDN

Lan Wang (lanwang) lanwang at memphis.edu
Fri Oct 27 05:58:34 PDT 2017

On Oct 27, 2017, at 7:28 AM, lxzhao <lxzhao at njnet.edu.cn<mailto:lxzhao at njnet.edu.cn>> wrote:

    I am new in this field and have recently come into contact with the
NDN project.I have some difficulty with it.

   (1) Now I need to realize the communication between two nodes
first,What packages or components should I install? And how?Are there
any detailed steps or documentations I can refer to?

   (2) Further more,I need to set up an environment of NDN,but I just
don't know exactly how to do it.So what packages and how?

You can use Mini-NDN (minindn.memphis.edu<http://minindn.memphis.edu>) to set up an environment inside one computer and emulate an NDN network.


    Thank you!

                                                                 Lixia Zhao

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