[Ndn-interest] Complete trust management from scratch in ndn-cxx

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When your producer sends the certificate make sure that the name of the data is the name of the certificate. Because the receiver will use the data packet to construct the certificate. If the data name does not follow the certificate naming convention, the constructor for Certificate will throw the error you reported.

Please note that certificate name and key name are different.

Key name: <key-owner-prefix>/KEY/<key-id>,

Certificate name: <key-owner-prefix>/KEY/<key-id>/<issuer-id>/<version-id>.

For certificate name the library is expecting three more components after the "KEY" component.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


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I looked a bit deeper in the code and I found the reason of the problem.

ndn-cxx is expecting "KEY" as the second component in the certificate name. However, my certificate name is: "/root/publisher/KEY/%AF%C7%D8y3%5De%06/%FD%00%00%01_D8%F1%A4", so "KEY" is the third component.

When I changed the code to put "/root/" in the Interest instead of "/root/site1" it solved the problem and the signature is verified correctly. In future experiments I would like to implement a hierarchy of trust. Do you know what is the problem here?



On 17/10/17 10:49, Michał Król wrote:

Hi Matteo,

thanks for your message. It's just a formatting problem. For some reason my mail client decide to replace tabs with "/" and "?". There are not present in the files though.

I've seen your tutorial before. Actually, it was the only complete solution it could find online, so I was basing heavily on it. Thank you. My setup seems only slightly different, but I still can't make it work.



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why do you have the "//" in each line of the validator?
I am by phone so I cannot provide you easily a good answer, but you can find a completed and commented use case  here: https://github.com/MatteoBertolino92/NDN-matteo/blob/master/ndncxx_miniNDN_someUseCases_nacks__certificates__interest_verification.pdf

Section 3. Write me if u need some clarifications.

Quoting Micha? Król <m.krol at ucl.ac.uk<mailto:m.krol at ucl.ac.uk>>:

Dear all,

I'm struggling with setting up a simple trust/security system in NDN. I
find it difficult to find an updated set information that will work for
all system components. Please correct me if I misunderstood something.

I have a very simple scenario: one producer and one consumer on one
machine. I want to have a central entity (root) and a publisher
(publisher) that will be allowed to publish trusted content.

I first create the root certificate using ndnsec and selfsign it: /

/    ndnsec-key-gen -n /root//

/    ndnsec-sign-req /root > root.cert/

Next I create a certificate for the publisher and sign it using the root

/   ndnsec-key-gen -n /root/publisher > unsigned_publisher.cert//
//   ndnsec-cert-gen -S 201510080000 -E 202010080000  -s /root -i
/root/publisher -r unsigned_publisher.cert  > publisher.cert/

I then used the publisher identity to sign the data:

/    m_ident = m_keyChain.createIdentity(Name("/root/publisher"));//
//    m_info = ndn::security::SigningInfo(m_ident);/

/    m_keyChain.sign(*data, m_info);/

On the consumer side I use a validator to validate data:

/    m_validator->load("sample.cfg");/

/    m_validator->validate (data,//
//            ndn::bind(&Consumer::onValidated, this, _1),//
//            ndn::bind(&Consumer::onValidationFailed, this, _1, _2));/

I want to trust everything signed with the publishers key. The
sample.cfg is:

/    rule//
//    {//
//      id "Sample Rule"//
//      for data//
//      filter//
//      {//
//        type name//
//        name /root/publisher//
//        relation is-prefix-of//
//      }//
//      checker//
//      {//
//        type hierarchical//
//        sig-type rsa-sha256//
//      }//
//    }//
//    trust-anchor//
//    {//
//      type file//
//      file-name "root.cert"//
//    }/

Now, when I launch the consumer, it issues an interest, gets the data,
issues another interest to get the key
(/root/publisher/KEY/4%05i%7E%3C%F6%87%2F/%FD%00%00%01_%25%8Bz%80), but
ends up with an error:

/    Malformed certificate (Name does not follow the naming convention
for certificate). /

My question is now, is it how I'm supposed to do this? If yes, what's
the problem here? If not, is there any example tutorial, walking through
the all steps of managing trust in NDN (ndnsec, app, validator)?

Thanks in advance,


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