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Hi Giuseppe,

By design, NDN is “one Data packet in response to one Interest”, for flow control and other reasons. (Actually, it can be “one Data packet for multiple interests” if a forwarder has accumulated pending Interests from multiple consumers which all match a received Data packet.) The onData callback belongs to the library’s internal pending Interest table. When a matching Data packet is received, the library calls the onData callback and deletes the entry in the pending Interest table, so as you say, it is only used once.

A large object such as an image is usually split up into multiple segments by the producer. Are you using some program to split the image into segments?

- Jeff T

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I forgot to say that I am using ndn-js and one nfd for the forwading.

2017-10-23 14:08 GMT+02:00 Giuseppe Carella <gcarella228 at gmail.com<mailto:gcarella228 at gmail.com>>:
Good morning community,

I am trying to send an image from a producer to a consumer.

This is the use-case:
-The consumer sends an interest packet to the producer
-The producer sends a set of data packets to the consumer.

The problem is that the consumer calls the callback "onData" only once.
I thought that onData once called was always listening the incoming data packets.
That's the reason why on my main function I call "face.expressInterest(name, onData, onTimeout);" only once. Could it be problem?

Thank you.
Best regards,

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