[Ndn-interest] Problem with retrieving packets on GENI testbed

Mohammad Alhowaidi malhowaidi at gmail.com
Thu Oct 5 16:15:48 PDT 2017

Dear all,

I was trying to run my experiments on GENI testbed. But I run into some

I have a consumer running on a site with interface and the
producer running on another site and the attached interface is
I setup the face and route of the consumer to forward on I run
ndntool ( ndnputchunks and ndncatchunks) it shows that the interest
received by the producer with the output

Data: Name: /ndn/f1/%FD%00%00%01%5E%EE%CACY/%00%00
MetaInfo: ContentType: 0, FreshnessPeriod: 10000 milliseconds,
FinalBlockId: %00%09O
Content: (size: 4400)
Signature: (type: SignatureSha256WithRsa, value_length: 256)

but nothing returned to the consumer ( it will give timeout). and nothing
caught by ndndump

Any suggestions please?

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