[Ndn-interest] Problems when trying to retrieve a Data from a remote NFD

lxzhao lxzhao at njnet.edu.cn
Sun Nov 5 05:49:02 PST 2017

Thank you very much for your reply!
  I have tried the commands you suggest before but it always showed "no
such command".My NFD and ndn-cxx is version-0.5.1,So I entered the
commands in the
  So are there anything else wrong of my steps except the commands?How
should I change the steps before to realize my goal to retrieve a Data
from a remote NFD?
  Hope to receive your favors!Thank you!
                                                               Lixia Zhao

> Hi Lixia Zhao
> 'nfdc register' command is no longer supported. Use 'nfdc face create'
> followed by 'nfdc route add' instead.
> If you find a documentation recommending the unsupported 'nfdc register'
> command, please report a bug.
> Yours, Junxiao
> On Nov 5, 2017 07:48, "lxzhao" <lxzhao at njnet.edu.cn> wrote:
> Hello,
>   I am new about NDN and have successfully installed ndn-cxx and NFD.The
> samples of consumer.cpp and producer.cpp can run well in one node.But
> when I installed them in two computers which are as two nodes and try to
> make one node send an Interest to retrieve a Data from the other
> computer.(The IPs of the two Ubuntus are and
>   What I have done is as follow(using the samples in ndn-cxx):
>   In the Ubuntu-1(IP:
>   1.nfd-start
>   2.nfdc register /example/testApp/randomData udp://
>   3.nfdc create udp://
>   4. ./build/examples/consumer
>   In the other Ubuntu-2(IP:
>   1.nfd-start
>   2. ./build/examples/producer
>   In Ubuntu-1,it always shows
>  "Sending /example/testAPP/randomData?ndn.InterestLifetime=1000".
>  "Timeout /example/testAPP/randomData?
> ndn.InterestLifetime=1000&ndn.Nonce=3826126803"
>   I also have tried the method in a blog(using ndnping and
> ndnpingserver),but it doesn't work.
>   So what can I do to retrieve a Data from a remote NFD step by step?How
> to let the NFD in Ubuntu-2 know how to send the Interest into the
> producer? May be I should clean the entries in the NFD and make a fresh
> start.
>   Could you show me the step-by-step way to solve it?
>                                                                regards
>                                                               Lixia Zhao
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